Friday, 26 February 2010

Here It Is....

So, here it is, the project I worked on at the 'Ranger on the Road' workshop. I have added the keys, buttons, round tags and flowers to take away the uniformity of the piece. I think it looks more ecclectic like this.
My favourite piece is the 'short, wide' black piece in the centre of this pic.
It was made by pouring black UTEE into a frame and stamping into it (and allowing to cool before removing stamp - don't use polymer stamps for this, they will not stand the heat!). Once cool I rubbed it over with Perfect Pearls.
In the top right of the picture is the resist panel that Claudine showed us how to do. I was not convinced the stamp detail would be very clear, but happily I was proved wrong.
Below that is another piece made with UTEE. This is a 3D piece (despite how it looks in the pic) made by pushing a frame into a mould and pouring the UTEE into it.
Look out for some of the techniques used here in the coming workshops!

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