Thursday, 22 April 2010

Serviette Decoupage

I taught a class in Serviette Decoupage on canvas this week. This is a really simple technique that produces stunning results. Here is a pic of the one I demo'd in class.
I took a 12 x 12" canvas and used chalk ink pads in 2 colours direct to canvas, smudging out with a sponge.
When happy with the depth of colour and effects on canvas, cut 1/4 from your chosen serviette / napkin. Peel off the 2 backing layers carefully so you are just left with the printed sheet.
Place picture in centre of canvas. Using textile decoupage lack (available from Panduro) or Modge Podge on a wide flat brush, brush glue onto serviette, starting in the centre and working out to the edges of the serviette.
You need to use slow, careful strokes as the picture is very delicate and tears easily. You will get some creasing, this can't be avoided but it just adds to the character of the piece. Once the lack is dry, you can brush glitter glue or, in this case, Jo Sonjas Opal Dust, around the edge of the serviette and anywhere else you'd like to highlight. Simple, but effective don't you think?

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  1. Hi Rachel

    Oh yes sounds v. easy to do so I must give that a try one day - need to get modge podge stuff first. Thanks for sharing the technique with us all too.

    See you soon



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