Friday, 19 February 2016

Half Term

Well it's the last day of half term and my sanity is just about intact.
Child number 3 had a nasty accident at school on the last day; face making contact with concrete! He has done a lot of damage to his bottom lip and broken the root of a tooth. The dentist has put a 'splint' on the back of the teeth to see if it will mend, if not, it's a false tooth needed.
So my week of outings has resulted in a week at home, making soft food. 
What has surprised me most though, is how long the after effects of shock last! He's still getting tired and aching by the afternoons.
On a crafting note, I have a friend turning 40 today so I dug out the card making materials. 
I haven't made a card for a couple of years at least! But it's amazing how quick you pick up the bug again.

I'm going to make a couple of Mothers Day cards later and birthday cards for my nieces.

Always a fan of giving lovely gifts that don't cost a fortune, I made this a part of her gift.

That cost me less than £5 to make.
You don't have to be hugely creative to create personal gifts. A little bit of imagination is all you need!

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