Friday, 17 December 2010

Chocolate Truffle Tree

I'm not sure i can really class this as work, but it certainly was fun.
This is a 'chocolate truffle tree' I made last night as a Christmas gift for a friend. I got the idea thinking about a tree I made last year from a polystyrene cone and covered in paper flowers pushed in with crystal headed pins.... Well I thought 'how about covering it with chocolates like those profiterole mountains you see....  Then I thought about changing the shape to a Topiary style and..............
Well from a craft point of view, there is much work to be done still here. I have to admit to being so excited by the idea that I just want to get on and see what the general finish would be like.
I will wrap the trunk in ribbon, paint and decorate the metal pot and find a better way of covering the oasis than the doilly I used here. But as an original gift idea, I am looking forward to adapting and expanding this.

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