Saturday, 3 July 2010

A Break From The Norm

Thought I'd give the papercrafting a miss for today and give something else a go.
I'm no great shakes at beading and jewellery making, but I do enjoy having a play every now and then.
Pink is not generally my colour, but I thought these were pretty and great for a wedding I'm going too soon.
Thinking of doing the same design but in funky fiesta multi colours to reflect the hot weather.
Also did these - love the big flower links.


  1. These are just beautiful, especially love the bracelet, hugs Heidi xx

  2. Ooo those are beautiful

  3. very nice, love the bracelet!! Me again, yes,I love that digi toad stool stamp too. Hoping I get to do it one day as I'm on the 'team' I've done one (ages ago) but it was so very much like that one I've never put it in my digi store, I'll change it a bit, and then I might..


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