Saturday, 31 July 2010

Finished in record time....

I'm very pleased with myself today - I actually started and completed the altering of 1 of those wooden magazine files!! I dont usually make a start on things I've bought so quickly. I'm ashamed to admit that I have a tendancy to buy on impulse, then stash in the garage for months, even years before getting around to what I had planned for it LOL!
However, about 3.30pm this afternoon, the crafting urge got to srtong to ignore any longer, and I created this - start to finish, no breaks 4 hours. (Actually that's not strictly true - there was a gap of about half an hour when 1 of the rabbits escaped and we had a 'fun' time chasing it around the street and under cards trying to catch the stupid thing!!!)
I am really pleased with this, although in the photos it looks less 'blended' than it actually is.
There is a 'step by step' on the tutorial page, if you're interested.

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