Thursday, 7 January 2010

Here goes.............

Well here I am, setting up my own blog. This is in keeping with my New Years Resolution of making some sort of record of every day in 2010, beit by blog, photographic or in my (new) personal Diary.
Really, this blog is to capute the creative aspect of the year, I get very excited when I'm please with a creation, found a new technique or just bought a new stamp (hubby says I'm like a 5 year old who waves their hands about and can't get the words out due to excitement! LOL)
My creative aims for this year are to - 1. use more of the stamps I have - I tend to stick to the same deisgns 2. Submit work to a magazine or 2 for consideration - I don't really expect it to be published but I am trying to believe in myself more and 3. Use colour and texture more.
I'll post again when my creative efforts have bourne some fruit.

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