Saturday, 20 March 2010

No Inspiration

 I seem to be suffering from 'card makers block' for the last few days. It's just so frustrating! I seem to have loads of ideas buzzing round my head, but everything I try just isn't 'right'.
I've been flicking through old craft magazines and other blogs to find inspiration, but to be honest I'm not sure this is helping, it's just filling my head with too much 'stuff'.

I did make this invitation prototype, but I don't like the purple card and the way it 'sits', it needs to be sturdier. I love the castle image though, really easy to adapt for boys or girls.
The photo doesn't capture the sparkly detail on the turrets very well. Thought it would make a great invitation for childrens parties.

The colour scheme for this next card was inspired by the colours for my cousins wedding.
The stamp is one I ordered before Christmas as I wanted to do something similar to this as Christmas cards but it only arrived a week or 2 ago.
I'm fairly pleased with this but I fluffed up the greeting and couldn't find a way of covering it that looked any better.

The diamante on the tree are half bright pink and half olive green.

Further to a previous post, I had another go with stamping onto acetate, this time as a book cover.
It took ages and ages to come up with this and it's not finished yet.
One thing I would say though, if you are working on acetate and make a mistake, you can clean the design off the acetate with the appropriate stamp cleaner. Believe me I cleaned it a LOT, both Stazon and pigment inks.
I really wanted to stamp in white but my favourite white ink (the SU one) wont dry as it's a pigment ink and heat setting will warp the acetate. I did try holding it up in front of the fire for a while to see if that would dry it off but no joy. So I ended up using white stazon, but I don't feel this gives a solid or crisp enough finish.

This work is not finished yet, but I do like the way I have stamped the text on the card underneath not on the acetate. It needs some texture on the cover.

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  1. You have been busy, love all these three items. The castle is brill and I agree it would work well for boys and girls, where did the image come from? Now just love the tree - really stunning and great base card colour. Now as for the stamping onto acetate the effect you've achieved is really lovely - I just LOVE swirls (and sparkles)! I've dabbled a bit myself with stamping on to acetate and love the look - I don't think I've posted any cards with my stamped acetate on to my blog as yet...........(note to self!)

    Speak soon



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