Thursday, 11 March 2010

Quick Results

Although I love spending long amounts of time creating and sometimes spend hours on 1 project, it's quick results that please me most.
When your run a SU workshop you always need to bear in mind 2 things, 1) time constraints and 2) you don't know the level of ability of thos attending. The answer to both of these is quick, simple, eye catching cards that will convince even the most 'non-crafty' that they too can create cards to be proud of.
This card I did for a workshop last night, only took 10 minutes but I absolutely love it (and so did everyone else, they almost all bought the bits to make it with!)
This second card is a little more difficult and takes a little longer, but everyone was hooked by then lol!
Allowing guests to create something simple but stunning will give them the confidence to try something a little harder and bring in their own touches to the card.

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