Sunday, 4 April 2010

3D Flowers

There are loads of stunning 3D roses out there at the moment but as usual I'm months behind everyone else, so it was about time I had a go.
Now, being the extremely impatient creature that I am, I couldn't be bothered to order and wait for a nice, symmetrical, large-ish, 6 petal flower stamp. I went ahead and a go using a totally unsuitable, asymmetrical, text covered flower. Obviously I wasn't expecting rose lke results and really just wanted to see how fiddly the technique was, but I was really quite pleased with this, my 1st attempt....

I ended up adhereing this to a matching scalloped circle and gluing a brooch pin onto the back.

For my 2nd attempt, I abandoned the '6 petal' principle in favour of 10 petals and the result was....

Not anywhere as nice as the 1st, so I'll be sticking to 6 petals. However practice makes ... better, not perfect, so I will keep going. - May invest in an appropriate stamp after all - LOL.

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