Sunday, 18 April 2010

My New Workspace

I recently had to give up my craft room in an effort to stop my sons killing each other -LOL.
The eldest is messy, untidy and typically 12, the youngest, with whom he was sharing, is clean, extremely tidy and not typically 6!
Therefore, to save their sanity and mine, we converted my craf space into a bedroom for the eldest and peace reigns again, ( well as close to peace as it ever gets!)
My wonderfully brilliant hubby was given some bedroom units to dispose of and this is what he did with them
He sectioned off part of our 'grown ups' room and built this fantastic unit for me. I even have a half height 'fence' with double doors that lock. It's sssooooo much tidier than when I had a whole room!
Thanks R - you're a star, Love Ya!

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