Monday, 3 May 2010

Putting Those Inks to Use

I totally fell in love with that ink I played with the other day, so I decided to put it to proper use.
The ink is by Fantast/x and the colour is Platinum, stamped onto Bordering Blue using the Vintage Vogue set.
The ink is easily cleaned from the stamp with normal stamp cleaner. Use a sponge daubber to apply ink to stamp.
Sorry about size of pic, had to make it large enough for you to see the detail.
I made this page as a thank you gift for my mum. I'm going into hospital for a major op next week and she's coming to look after my 4 kids while I'm in and while I recuperate. She'll drive me nuts, but I love her dearly.
This is for you mum!

I made the frame by painting the deep frame with white acrylic, a couple of coats. Then randomly applying size (glue) with a dry brush. When the size is tacky, roughly 10 - 15mins, lay over sheets of metal leaf, smoothe down with a soft brush and then use circular movements to brush away excess leaf.


  1. This is lovely Rachel I'm sure your mum will love it. Did you notice that you can see your reflection in the glass of you taking the photo - it reminded me of a YBF clicp of a guy videoing something in his house and you could see his reflection in a mirror and he was videoing in the nude!!! Sorry just had to share that! and don't panic you've got clothes on!!!


  2. This is so beautiful Rachel. I have never before seen Bordering Blue looking so lovely!


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