Saturday, 19 June 2010

Too Many Ideas....

If you're anything like me, then you frequently (well maybe not frequently but certainly often) suffer from the effects of having too many creative ideas in your head at once. For me this usually ends up with a project that's totally 'over done' or one I just can't finish. Today it's one I can't finish.
The use of my sketch book is supposed to limit this happening but there are occasions when I have 1 item but 3 or 4 ideas about what to do with it. All of this is compounded my total inability to wait for anything, I'm always impatient to see results LOL.
Todays project I had been saving until I had time to it justice - stupid idea, won't be doing that again!
Aaaanyway - 1st I wanted something 'dreamy & floaty', then I toyed with doing something Christmassy as a sample for a class, then something with pics of me and hubby. Well you get the picture, indecision and impatience should be my middle names.
Here's what I started with -

And ended up with -

Or -

Or -

Or even -

See what I mean LOL. None of them are quite what I envisaged, but I am reasonably happy with looks 1 & 2 most.

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