Saturday, 22 January 2011

An Enjoyable Afternoon.....

Don't you just love those days when it all goes right?
I've had 1 of those too rare moments today. It seems like an age since I've had the time or inclination to finish a papercraft project. I had an idea in my head as to the sort of thing I wanted so I just grabbed a handful things to inspire me. Everything I got out I used and they all went perfectly together (I know I couldn't believe it either LOL). The inks and paints were the right shades, the stamps looked right and the extras were perfect. I think this was the 'mojo' saying ' come on get your butt in gear, there's work to be done and a saddle to climb back into.


  1. Hey good for you! I love all these cards & your right! They all match wonderfully! Bet you had good fun doing them too?? I really like all the sentiments you have used and the colours as well! Great stuff!

  2. Hi Rachael,

    Lovely cards, good to see you back!! :):)xxx

    Chrissy. xx


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