Sunday, 30 January 2011

4 weeks 'Til Artsy Crafts......

With a little under 4 weeks to go to the Artsy Crafts class I'm off on, I thought I'd have a go at something that's sort of 'in the style of'
I chose to work outside my colour comfort zone again ( as I'm not a huge fan of purple or last weeks blue), and include some metal work which I'm not very practised at.
The box had containned a lovely smelly set from a friend at Christmas. I kept it to alter as I just love the magnetic flap it has :)
I'm nervous about the class as I find it really intimidating and always question my ability to keep up.
I had intended to completely cover the box background, but after the 1st coat of acrylic paint I decided it would be much nicer with the star pattern showing faintly through. After 4 rough coats of paint, the look was readt for over stamping. I stuck to shades of purple ink with a little 'vintage photo' thrown in for good measure.

As I'd cut the acetate out of the window, I sealed the edges with tissue tape, with cordinated perfectly and still shows the background through it. The stamps used are a couple of wheels, a background and a SAB set from Stampin Up.
When it came to metal work, because I have poorly joints (and because I'm impatient) I cheated and used embossing folders to create the textures. Then I discovered I didn't have any black paint :( so ipainted each piece with magenta and wiped off with a sponge and glued in place. (There is still much work to do on this panel, I have ordered some copper tape to define the sections and tidy the joins.)
I made a couple of roses and added a dragonfly charm and now it looks thus -
I will post more pics when I have completed this project fully, but I have to say - so far I'm happy with it!
3 things I have gained from this so far though, are - 1. make sure you have what you need 1st 2. If painting onto a shiney surace it needs keying 1st to stop paint scratching off, and 3. Viva Crocco paint does NOT adhere to tissue tape!!!!

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