Saturday, 16 April 2011

All Grown Up

Hi, today I feel like a proper, grown up crafter. Rather than creating a project, I have been experimenting with Paper Artsy's new Fresco Finish paints - I LOVE them!!!
I decided to try out some effects on printed papers and on Kraft card stock when mixed with Adirondak Colour Washes.
Pour a drop of paint onto a craft sheet and spraying chosen wash next to it and apply with Cut n Dry in sweeping motion. (Ice Blue FF and Lagoon CW) - this reminds me of an aging beach hut :0)
The paints have a lovely soft, chalky finish but the quality of colour and coverage isn't comprimised.

This one (Mushroom paint and Espresso wash) also has the wash sprayed on top. The pic doesn't show it well but the ink soaks into the paint without losing definition and takes on the same muted finish.
This is Red Pepper wash sprayed onto the card, then Snowflake painted over it. You can still see the larger 'splodges' through and the wash blends into the paint without totally pigmenting it. Again the pic isn't great but this is my favourite one. I love the 'old, weathered painted' look it has.
Stamping on the paint in dye inks has a nice 'absorbed, muted' look and Archival and Versafine have the usual crisp finish.
Here I used tiny amounts of the washes to paint onto painted surface with a fine brush. It's very easy to blend and build up colours.
What made me feel like a grown up was the fact that, pleased with the effects and wanting to remember them - I punched out a tag from each, made a note of colours etc on reverse and made a tag book - just like a 'pro' LOL xxx
To buy Fresco Finish paints pop over to  Paper Artsy

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  1. Lovely effect!!!
    This reminds me- I have that dragonfly stamp! Must get it out and have a play.


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