Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Hi everyone, it's that time of the week again (sorry, what happened to Monday and Tuesday? must of been lost in a crafting haze LOL).
My desk today is showing the aftermath of my crafting frenzy. I can't show you the items I made sadly - but keep your eye on 'Simply Handmade' issue 4 ;0) xx

The cushion - yes made by me - is covering up the radio display - I can't sleep with any sort of 'glow in the room - sad, I know LOL so I have to cover up the alarm clock and the radio each night.
The tray had a supermarket meal in, i always keep these as they make fab paint trays.
Pop over to The Stampin Ground to see all the other 'Workdesks' out there! xxx


  1. That looks like a very busy desk today :-)
    A x

  2. Yes a very busy desk, I don't like 'lights' either, but hubby likes the tv on, and sets it to go off after about an hour, so as soon as he starts snoring, I turn it off...and he says, 'I was watching that...' of course, he's still asleep! Great snoop!
    Happy WOYWW

  3. Great creative mess of business. Looks like fun and my kind of space!
    JoZarty x
    I know how you feel about the lights... my DH loves his time/ temp projector on the ceiling. I hate it and if I wake I just HAVE to look and it always shows a wacky number like 3.33am . Can't stand it!
    JoZarty x

  4. Nice cushion though.
    I am lucky and can sleep through most things, lights, noise etc.
    Nice busy desk, can't wait ti see what you have made for Simply Handmade.
    Hope you're well sweet cheeks, speak soon.

  5. Great desk looks like you have been busy - the large pink tool on my desk is a tape dispencer - they come in yellow as well - by 3m scotch tape - I have had mine about
    3 weeks and love it makes my card making much quicker

  6. Nice work space. I have the same problem with light at night and have to block it all out or I am awake. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #78

  7. Yep - me too - I cover my clock radio with my tissue box each night!

  8. So glad to hear I,m not the only one LOL I shall be telling my hubby that I am not weird, like he thinks (at least not that weird LMAO) xxx

  9. Sorry not to see the outcome of such a busy session. The desk looks great.

    Just out of interest, I don't know what colour your clock display is, but mine has red LED numbers which don't worry me at all. Same principle as red lights in a dark room, and red goggles for fighter pilots during the war who kept their night vision for flying with no time to adapt. Sometimes I like to see the time but have no disturbance from the light.

    Sleep well,
    Ros #138


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