Sunday, 5 August 2012

Vintage Birds

I chose to take a break from 'work' today and indulge in finishing something that I've wanted to do for ages. I made these birds a few months back - each is decoupaged with 7 gypsies tissue, painted, sprayed, stamped and embossed to give a gloriously vintage feel. I always knew I wanted to make them into a mobile but a metal ring did feel right, nor did a straight dowel rod. Then in box of long forgotten 'stuff' I opened the other day, I found a load of these lovely mobile hangers. I reckon I've had them about 8 years lol! I also knew I wanted to use beads but when I started putting them on wire, it was not the look I wanted or liked. So I raided my jewellery making stash and found some chain, and happened across a bag of connectors I was given. Suddenly Victoriana sprang into my head and away we went. I love the end result and I feel a project kit coming on!!

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