Thursday, 28 January 2016

Just Because

I took a class today at the fabulous Birds In The Barn, which luckily, is 10 mins drive from home.
Whilst, I didn't actually learn anything new and was already fairly well versed in all we did, I loved every second of it!!
Sometimes doing something just for the love of it gives us the greatest pleasure.
It was a small group, only 4 of us and Sue the teacher, but that made it laid back and relaxed. Way less stressful than keeping up with a big class doing things for the first time.
I think, I will treat myself to 1 class a month just for pleasure. Sometimes I will learn new things, sometimes I won't, but even in classes you think you know there can be tips and tricks to be picked up.  Never think there is nothing left to discover and remember to do things just because you love doing them!

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